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(copied from Schoology 12/08/21)


Sign Up for the first DHMS Ski and Snowboard event!

#1 - Dec 17th, 4pm-close @ Buck Hill / Ticket Pickup in the Hillside Chalet



  1. In order to participate you MUST register for the event on mypaymentsplus, search for the event titled "21-22 DHMS Ski Group 12-17-21 Trip". There is no charge to reserve your spot.  The event is capped at 75 registrants.
  2. Those registered will receive a link where you (parent/guardian) are responsible for purchasing the lift for your child from the Buck Hill online ticket system.  Further details below. 

After the event sign-up deadline; 12/13/21 @11:59pm no additional registrations are allowed.

Important Reminders:

  • No Bussing/Transportation provided or facilitated in any way by DHMS.  All drop off and pick up to and from Buck Hill is at the discretion and responsibility of the parent/guardian.  DHMS is not responsible for nor can make arrangements to assist with driving a student to/from Buck Hill.
  • Dakota Hills will not store ski equipment during the school day.  It must be left at home or in the parent/guardian car.
  • Those registered in mypaymentsplus will receive a link to purchase your child'(s) lift ticket online (likely the Wednesday before the trip).  
  • Registered/paid students will be able find a DHMS Chaperone at the Hillside Chalet and pick up the physical ticket between 4-4:30pm.  We request a parent/guardian is present through this process.
  • Once the child has a ticket secured the parent/guardian does not need to be present.
  • Chaperones are unable to track attendance once the child is dropped off and has secured a lift ticket.  Parent/Guardians are responsible for pick-up arrangements by the time Buck Hill closes.
  • There are more details/rules/terms outlined here.

UPDATE: 2021-22 (11/19/21)

DHMS Ski Club will be working with Buck Hill to create a few opportunities for skiing and snowboarding this year!  Thank you for you patience and we work out a few dates to offer you a low-cost group rate for select Fridays this winter.

New for 2021-22 - ALL DAY WELCH VILLAGE group rate opportunity.  Mark your calendars for January 17th!  With sign up (coming soon) through Dakota Hills you can lock-in a great lift-ticket rate of $45 per ticket, and $22 Rental with an additional $6 for a helmet only.  (students under the group rate must ski/snowboard with a helmet)

Due to bussing restrictions and limitations the 2021-22 Club will be changing format substatianlly to allow for drop-off/check-in at the hill only.  No bussing will be provided.  Hopefully this change will be temporary and we can return to a full-service club again next year.

Join the Schoology Group QF4ZK-JD796 for updates and fun information throughout the club season. Get psyched and ready to have fun with your classmates and friends.

Skis and ski boots

Frequently Asked Questions

Day-Of Schedule


There are many items to square away regarding sign-up, drop-off, and pick-up procedures for the 2021-22 season.  Stay tuned!