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Educational Benefits

Families are encouraged to apply for educational benefits

All students can get one breakfast and one lunch free of charge each day at school. Although no application is required to receive this free meal benefit, filling out the Annual Application for Educational Benefits is still IMPORTANT! If a household meets the state/federal guidelines, the approved application will provide critical funding to our school district. Students and families may also be eligible for reduced prices on items listed below, lowering barriers to participation in educational opportunities and programs.
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Please note that a new application must be submitted every year. Más información | Wax badan ka baro barnaamijka 

Each household only needs to submit one application. If you prefer a paper application, you can obtain one from the front office at your child's school. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or call 651-683-6958.

  • Discounted iPad Protection Plan fee
  • Discounted transportation fee-for-service fees
  • Discounted athletic participation fees
  • Discounted Community Education course fees
  • Discounted academic testing fees (ACT, AP, PSAT, SAT)
  • Discounted college application fees
  • Additional funding for your school
  • Additional funds for increased access to technology resources
  • Family benefits may include free or discounted fees for cable and internet services
  • Free complete first breakfast and first lunch meals for students with Minnesota Free School Meals for Kids Program*

* Free daily breakfast and lunch do not include consumption of ala carte items. View our Middle School ala carte or High School ala carte prices if you would like to purchase ala carte items.